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Stuart started his journey into real estate in 1984 when his father, Jim Fox, sold a family owned feed mill and started a mortgage company, Family Home Mortgage, a hard money real estate lending company and a real estate investment company.  Stuart would visit rental properties his dad purchased, fixed up and rented out. He would work with his dad learning about lending against real estate and even worked at the mortgage company through high school.

When he graduated with his business degree in 1995, he went to work full time at the mortgage company and started his first real estate investment company himself. Since then, Stuart and his wife Tiffany have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions in multiple states – closing real estate transactions worth over $200,000,000, started a property management company, provided hard money loans, and have acquired rental properties for their own portfolio.  They currently own properties and renovate homes in several markets across the country.

We work with many private investors who receive amazing returns on their capital by investing in our secure real estate transactions.  We definitely believe in creating win-win situations with the people we buy homes from, pay high interest to investors on our deals, and helping the community by fixing up old homes and giving them new life with great tenants and great new owners.

We look forward to hearing from you in how we can help you out with your real estate needs!


How Do We Do It?

Pretty simple really.  We don’t like to over complicate things. Our clients lend us capital. We secure the capital by real estate. We pay them a lot of interest income – it is very passive and very safe for everyone we work with.

We provide our clients great returns on their capital. All funds secured by our real estate investments we are buying and selling around the country.

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