Why rent-to-own could be the perfect solution for you

House prices continue to rise steadily across the United States, as do mortgage rates. Competition is still fierce in various markets, while some try to “lock in” the best rate possible before the Feds raise it again. The increase in mortgage rates alone could start to price some hopeful home buyers out of homes they … Continued

3 Reasons to Buy a Home Now Rather Than Wait

3 Reasons to Buy a Home Now Rather Than Wait

Since the beginning of the pandemic, America’s been in a housing crisis like we’ve never seen before. People from big cities with plenty of capital came and shook up various small towns, driving housing prices up. The average home cost has nearly doubled in some cities.  If you’ve been waiting for the housing market to … Continued

Partner With Fox Capital as a Home Buyer or a Real Estate Investor

Since the start of the pandemic, the news for real estate in America has been dramatic. Before the era of COVID-19, America was already in a state of affordable houses being in short supply. Now that there has been an entire revolution of remote workers working from home, more people want more space, and many … Continued

accredited investor requirements benefits

Accredited Investor Basics, Requirements and Benefits, Part 1

The common goal of all investors is increasing their profits and portfolio, and there are several strategies to help accomplish this. Included in these are attempted attainment of certain forms of status that actually hold major practical value in the investment world, and one of these is known as becoming an “accredited investor.” At Fox … Continued