3 Things To Know Before You Rent To Own

Renting to own is an incredible program to pursue if you’re looking for solid returns on capital. Single-family home investing benefits the community while you confidently grow your investment returns. 

Two types of people benefit from a rent-to-own program: people and families seeking home ownership and investors looking for a safe, reliable investment return. 

The housing market is currently eluding hardworking families, and unfortunately, many deserving people cannot afford to commit to purchasing a new home, especially first-time homebuyers. Where the housing market fails these families, private investors are taking responsibility by procuring, renovating, and making available excellent housing opportunities through rent-to-own programs, providing affordable paths to home ownership while receiving safe returns on their investment. 

3 Things To Know Before You Rent To Own

The rent-to-own model is often misunderstood but much more attainable, community-focused, and profitable than is assumed by the uninitiated. Here are some eye-opening things to know about renting to own you need to know before pursuing this exciting investment opportunity:

A Small Initial Investment Can Get You Started

Prime investment homes are available for less than $150,000, making them excellent opportunities to build capital and provide housing for families seeking their first home. Unfortunately, current housing pricing prevents many hardworking families from achieving affordable home ownership. 

Pursuing rent-to-own as an investment opportunity opens valuable real-estate access to families who need assistance building equity toward eventual ownership. Rent to own provides safe investment returns making this system an excellent option for those seeking security and reliability. 

Housing Is An Evergreen Investment Opportunity

Housing is a secure investment because attractive home options will always be desirable assets for both homeowners and investors. As families evolve and work opportunities shift across the country, commuting or growing families will always seek housing to suit their unique needs. When you invest in a rent-to-own property, you’re providing affordable homes to families in need while securing your investment returns in a market that will always need lucrative assets available to pursue. 

The Rising Cost Of Living Means Secure Investment Returns

Potential homeowners are being priced out of the market at an alarming rate as wages nationwide fail to catch up with rising inflation, market rates, and cost of living. Rent-to-own opportunities become desirable options that relieve barriers to homeownership for hardworking families and create safe returns on investment due to the overwhelming interest from prospective buyers. 

Now is the time to include rent-to-own opportunities in your investment portfolio. With rent-to-own properties in your portfolio, you will receive reliable returns on your investment while simultaneously providing exciting opportunities for homeowners seeking their dream introductory family home at an affordable rate.

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